Become a Supporter

Did you know? A company or organization that gives a minimum of $1,000 annually to NAVF can help 4 veterans and their family members get all the benefits they have earned and deserve from the VA. Over 5 years we can help recover $500,000 in benefits for just these 4 warriors. What a return on investment!

Supporters who make this annual commitment are enlisted into the Committee of 100 and Senior Care Providers respectively (link over to supporters list). They serve as an advocate to NAVF and are recognized across our social media and quarterly newsletters. They can nominate an employee to be recognized at our Annual Champion for Veterans Gala each spring. Once committed, our Director of Corporate Outreach will arrange a photo to be taken at your establishment with a presentation of a Veterans flag.

If you know of a company or organization who would be interested in supporting NAVF on this level, please complete the form below and our Director of Corporate Outreach will be in touch shortly. Thank you for supporting our Forgotten Veterans!