To provide support and advocacy services for war time veterans, spouses and families from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War and thru the current conflicts. We believe that all Veterans matter.

Core to this mission are the following services for the forgotten veterans:

Serve to educate the veteran community as to eligibility for benefits

Shephard the application process to completion for all veterans, spouses and families

Advocate cases that have been denied

Follow through and obtain status

Direct veterans for other services such as homeless veteran opportunities, job assistance and other services as deemed necessary


The core values are inherent in our mission. These values define who we are and how we operate as it relates to the forgotten veterans and their spouses, families and the community. These values become the promises that we make to all of those we serve in America.

Integrity- NAVF does act with the highest degree of moral principle when dealing with those we serve.

Compassion and Passion- We are compassionate about the work we do, and all of our staff have a passion to serve the forgotten veterans, spouses and families.

Advocacy- We do not give up, we are veteran centric, and we are diligent in helping the American forgotten veterans, spouses and families receive the benefits they have earned and deserve.

Respect and Inclusivity-We treat all people with dignity and respect all viewpoints and values for each and every forgotten veteran, spouses, families and the community.

Excellence and Determination- We continue to work and do “no matter what it takes to have the highest percentage of approvals for those forgotten veterans, spouses and families we serve.